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Curtain Measuring Guide

Step 1 - Choose the heading type 

a)Pencil Pleat

Made with a 3 or 6 inch heading tape with 3 or 6 hook positions. Curtains are supplied ungathered with no hooks.

b)Pinch Pleat

Double and triple 5 & 6 inch pinch pleats are available. Triple pinch pleat is made to approx. 2.5 fullness and double pinch pleat is made to approx. double fullness. Curtains will arrive pleated to the correct size to fit your track/pole, therefore it is important to include all overlaps and returns in your measurements.


6 eyelet colours are available (click Eyelet for further details) in 40mm and 60mm. There are normally 8 eyelets per width and we use double fullness. We also add 40mm of fabric above the eyelet.


Made with a specially designed heading tape and wave glider cord. Wave curtains require 4.5cm clearance front and back. They are made to approx. 2.2 fullness and supplied unhooked.

Step 2 - Measure the curtain track or pole width (between the decorative finials)

How to measure the curtain track or pole

Step 3 - Use the following table to calculate the number of widths of fabric required

How to calculate the number of widths of fabric required

Step 4 - Measure the curtain drop to your preferred length (this may be the still or floor)

How to measure the curtain drop

Step 5 - Choose your lining

Blackout Lining

Blackout Lining

Available in White & Ivory (Cream)
100% Polyester

This Blackout Lining is not only designed to block sunlight, but to offer excellent thermal and sound insulation properties; thus conserving energy, dampening noise and saving money on heating costs. Fine polyester yarns create a durable lining with an excellent drape, the higher density weave offers greater opacity and protection, along with great energy efficiency. 

Thermal Lining

Thermal Lining 

Available in Ivory (Cream)
70% Polyester/30% Cotton 

This Thermal Lining is a 1 Pass 70/30 Polycotton Dim Out designed to reduce the amount of light coming in to a room and provide a level of insulation against heat and noise. The lining has a soft handle for excellent drape ability and a flocked finish to the coating ensures a soft handle and makes it easier to sew. The lining has excellent dimensional stability and a low residual shrinkage.

Polycotton Lining

Polycotton Lining 

Available in White & Ivory (Cream)

This Polycotton Lining combines the softness and handle of cotton with the inherent easy care, crease resistant and durability of polyester. This Lining is a twill weave for a fuller lining with an excellent drape. An easy care product, with excellent crease recovery, which dries quickly and needs minimal ironing. It also has excellent dimensional stability and low residual shrinkage.

Interlined Lining

Interlined Lining 

Available in Ivory (Cream)
Polyester/Cotton w/ Polyester Fleece

This  Bonded Fleece Lining uses a twill weave affording good drape ability bonded to a fleece interlining for added body, for improved body and drape. It offers improved shape retention and give headings more prominence. This combined lining saves time and money and can be machine stitched. The lining also offers good sound and insulation properties. UK Produced.