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Measuring for Curtains

Before you start...

Have a tape measure at hand, and a notepad to write your measurements as you go along. 

Step 1 - Choose the heading type  

Pencil Pleat

This is a heading that uses 7.5cm tape with 3 different hook positions to suit all types of poles and tracks. Curtains are supplied ungathered so that you can gather them to the required width. We also offer a 15cm tape with 6 hook positions, particularly good for those with longer curtains making the header proportionate to the drop.

Pinch Pleat

Pinch Pleats are made as 5 or 6 inch triple or double pleats. Each curtain width is fitted with 5 strong plastic, adjutsable height hooks and will arrive pleated to the correct size to fit your track/pole. Triple pinch pleats are made to approx 2.5 fullness & double pinch pleats are made to approximately double fullness.


Eyelets allow for a more contemporary look for a curtain pole as they fold into large even pleats. Six eyelet colours are available in 40mm and 50mm. There are normally 8 eyelets per width and we use double fullness. We also add 40mm of fabric above the eyelet. When measuring, please note 40mm of fabric will be added above the eyelet. 


Made with a specially designed heading tape and wave glider cord. Wave curtains require 4.5cm clearance front and back. They are made to approx. 2.2 fullness and supplied unhooked. Wave curtains are only suitable for certain fabrics, (contact us if unsure) as they lend themselves to a more lightweight fabric. 

Step 2 - Measure the curtain track or pole width (between the decorative finials)

The width will depend on your curtain track or pole, not the window itself. Measure from one end to the other.

If you have a curtain pole, make sure you only measure the pole itself, do not include the decorative vinyls of the pole in your measurements. 

For a curtain track simply measure the full width of the track.

If your curtains run off a track, be aware that some have a central overlap – you’ll just need to measure this separately then add to your end-to-end measurements to get the correct total width. 

Generally, your track/pole should extend approximately 15-30cm beyond either side of the window. This is so you can draw your curtains and let in light.  

Step 3 - Measure the curtain drop to your preferred length (this may be the sill or floor)

Generally, curtains can be hung to wherever you want them to. 

If you want your curtains to reach the windowsill then measure from the pole, track or rail to 1cm above the sill itself.

For curtains that fall below the windowsill, measure down approx 15-20cm below the windowsill (or 3cm above the radiator). 

If opting for full length curtains, which drop down to the floor, we suggest following the same rule of thumb and measuring from the pole, track or rail to around 1cm above the floor.

However, you could allow for more fabric meaning your curtains will puddle on the floor. 

Step 4 - Choose your lining 

Blackout Lining

This Blackout Lining is not only designed to block sunlight, but to offer excellent thermal and sound insulation properties; thus conserving energy, dampening noise and saving money on heating costs. 

Thermal  Lining

This Thermal Lining is designed to reduce the amount of light coming in to a room and provide a level of insulation against heat and noise. The lining has excellent dimensional stability and a low residual shrinkage.

Polycotton Lining

This Polycotton Lining combines the softness and handle of cotton with the inherent easy care, crease resistant and durability of polyester. This Lining is a twill weave for a fuller lining with an excellent drape.

Interlined Lining

This Bonded Fleece Lining uses a twill weave affording good drape ability bonded to a fleece interlining for added body, for improved body and drape. It offers improved shape retention and give headings more prominence. 

Step 5 - Get a quote or choose your fabric 

Already got fabric in mind?

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