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Measuring for Blinds 

Learn how to measure for blinds, with our step to step guide 

Before we start....

Have a tape measure at hand, and a notepad to write your measurements as you go along. 

Firstly, we need to establish if your window has a recess and decide whether the blind will fit inside or outside of this space. A recess fitting is where the blind will fit into the inside of  the window, so it does not overlap the walls or any other surface area. Whereas, an exact fitting is where the blind will fit outside of the window and will cover parts of the wall or any other surface area. 

Please see the diagrams below on how to measure accurately for both a recess and an exact fitting...

Inside the Window (Recess)

Firstly, measure the width at three different points. So, measure from the top, then roughly in the middle, and finally along the sill at the bottom. Use the smallest measurement from the three points measured.

And then repeat the same process by measuring the drop at three different points. Again, use the smallest measurement from the three points. 

Outside the Window (Exact)

Before measuring, we suggest going 10cm past each side of the window to prevent light from leaving.

So, to measure the width of the window. Start 10cm past the window on one side and measure across until 10cm past the other side. Repeat the same process for the drop but start 10cm at the top of the window and measure down until as far as you would like the blind to go. 

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