Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are made from one singular piece of fabric. When raised they sit in a neat horizontal fold (like an overlap) on top of another, when closed they lay completely flat. To preserve a clean and minimal look, horizontal rods are fitted to the back.

Easy to use, our Roman Blinds operate by a pull cord system; the cords are fastened to a headrail system (this sits at top of the Roman Blind) that run vertically down the back of the blind, which are threaded through cord rings that are attached to the horizontal rods. There is no visibility of the rods or cords, so they are firmly out of view. The simplicity of this system means you can easily determine how much light you would like in your room, by either raising or lowering the blinds.

Our Roman Blinds are extremely stylish, versatile, and offer a great insulation for window spaces. They are often suited to living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Since Roman Blinds are made from one piece of fabric, they cannot be shaped for sloping windows.

Almost any fabric can be used to make Roman Blinds, we have a wide range of suitable fabrics both in-store and online.

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Co-ordinate with curtains
Huge range of fabrics
Easy to use & maintain
Reduce light
Extremely versatile

Child Safety

All our Roman Blind systems house an internal breakaway mechanism to comply with Child Safety Standard BSEN1320. 

Please note that chains and cords that operate blinds can be a hazard to small children. Please be mindful when placing cots, beds, or furniture near a window featuring a blind. 

When installed, the lower part of the chain must be at least 60cm from the floor. 

We use the following blind system:

BSXL Roman Blind System:

The BSXL has been intelligently engineered to be 'safe by design' - promoting Child Safety whilst ensuring maximum performance, durability and ultimately, guarantee to leave a visually stunning window dressing. These versatile blinds can be used as a standalone or to compliment curtains. 

• 1.2 Gauge Aluminium
• Child Safe
• Standard 1:4 ration Control Unit with internal breakaway device
• The chain breaks at 6kgs
• Chrome and Brass metal chains available
• Easylock cord rolls - patented click and lock cord drums with 3m of cord
• Counterweight bars and fibreglass rods
• Rear cord safety devices

Beautiful blinds, affordable prices

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We offer a home consultancy and fitting service within the Nottingham area. 

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