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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Chain Colours:


White Coloured Chain


Brass Coloured Chain


Chrome Coloured Chain

Roman blinds are available in any suitable fabric from our collection. They can be used as a window covering on its own or as a coordinate with a pair of curtains.

Please provide actual sizes, width and drop in centimetres. All blinds are supplied with a track and fixing brackets ready to hang.

All blinds are lined. Please note blinds made with a blackout lining will not be a totally blackout blind as stitch holes will allow a small amount of light through.

Any blind with a width above 127cm will require 2 widths of fabric. The blind will be made with a central panel and smaller pattern matched panels at each side. Maximum width of a  Roman blind is 250cm due to the weight of fabric and safety break system. 

All Roman Blinds are supplied with a crome chain as standard. Stab stich Roman Blinds are available at a 20% surcharge.

Measuring for Roman Blinds

Blinds may be fitted inside or outside the window. Please measure the width and the drop of the blind to give the actual finished size of the blind. Please only provide us with the finished blind size required.

How to measure inside the window for a Roman Blind

Inside the Window

Take a measurement from the top, middle and bottom and use the smallest measurement.

How to measure outside the window for Roman Blinds

Outside the Window

Take a measurement from the top, middle and bottom and use the smallest measurement.

Child Safety

All our Roman Blind systems house an internal breakway mechanism to comply with Child Safety Standard BSENI320.

Please note that chains and cords that operate blinds can be a hazard to small children. Please be mindful when placing cots, beds or furniture near a window featuring a blind.

When installed, the lower part of the chain must be at least 60cm from the floor.

We use the following Blind System:

BSXL Roman Blind System: 1:4 Ratio

The BSXL has been intelligently engineered to be 'safe by design' - promoting Child Safety whilst ensuring maximum performance, durability and ultimately, guarantee to leave your clients with a visually stunning window dressing. These versatile blinds can be used as standalone or compliment curtains.

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  • 1.2 Gauge Aluminium
  • Under the correct operating conditions these blinds have a 10 year warranty
  • Child Safe
  • Standard 1:4 raio Control Unit with internal breakaway device
  • The chain breaks at 6kgs
  • Chrome and Brass metal chains available
  • Easylock cord rolls - parented click and lock cord drums with 3cm of cord
  • Counterweight bars and fibreglass rods
  • Rear cord safety devices